Questions? FAQ

When is Hopscotch CD?

Saturday, June 6, 2015rd. Playing hopscotch on the path can happen all day, at any time, and for as long as it takes for the rain to wash the flour-based path away after that (3 to 4 rains). Many fun and play-centered events are happening along the route and in the neighborhood as well and–although exact times may vary–most are happening between 10 am and 8 pm.

What events will be happening in the neighborhood June 6?

We kick things off at 10 am with fun and games in Flo Ware Park at 28th and Jackson. As the day progresses, events move toward Pratt Park, where the Central Area Chamber of Commerce will be celebrating Juneteenth with music and activities. Our own co-host, Centersone will be providing free hot dogs at lunch in addition to the ever popular Pop Up Adventure play ground at 18th and Cherry, which will be followed by the Central District Association’s Carnival from 3:30 to 8 pm with live music, food trucks, a beer garden, awesome magic show and more, also happening this year at Centerstone.

There are sidewalk sales, rummage sales and lots of other fun stuff along the course! We’ll be posting the full route map with many activities on June 3!

What is hopscotch?

A popular sidewalk or playground game that can be played with several players or alone (or with neighbors for 1.8 miles across the CD on June 6th, 2015). Players toss a small rock or object into spaces of a pattern of rectangles outlined on the ground and then hop or jump through the spaces to retrieve the object. Learn more here: and on our Fun page.

What is Hopscotch CD?

Hopscotch CD is a 1.8-mile temporary hopscotch path around the Central District neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, USA. The almost two-mile temporary path is laid down by volunteers before the event, taking almost three full days, using giant stencils and a “chalks” made out of mostly cornstarch, a dash of flour and sugar and bit of food coloring. We invite all of our neighbors to come out, play on the course, add and decorate the path with chalk, and enjoy the many events happening that day: an attempt at breaking the world record for most hopscotchers playing at the same time, sidewalk sales, garage sales, games, story time in the park, and any number of great events thought up and put on by our neighbors here in the CD.

We’re hoping that other fun people will help us and come up with other things to do along the route, and in the neighborhood, that day, for example, having a picnic, dancing, making music, hula hooping, hosting a party, painting, skipping, singing, writing poetry, passing out free stuff, having a sale, being generally silly, and other fun things you think of.

Here’s a video from the 2013 inaugural Hopscotch CD by the fine folks of KCTS Channel 9.

Why are you doing this?

To have fun, to meet more of our neighbors, and to find/spread enough fun that some people in the neighborhood decide to do this again next year.

Your purpose for joining us, volunteering, adding your event to the Hopscotch CD route, or spreading the word can be totally different. There is space here for lots of purposes. Other potential purposes and/or fringe benefits: exercise, role modeling how to be a good neighbor to kids, adults learning how to be better neighbors by playing with kids, telling our own story about the CD, increased sense of community, learning about the people and organizations along the route, something to do on a Saturday, surfacing amazingness in our neighborhood, learning how to write a small city grant for a neighborhood event, family together time and fun, becoming hopscotch experts, finding more people who want to do fun stuff in the future, sharing your information with neighbors along the route, and proving that we can do a fun community event with very little money.

Will the hopscotch path be permanent?

Only in our hearts. It will wash away safely after 3 or 4 rains.

How do I join or help?

Email Knox and offer to help. Simple! You can also go to the Volunteer or Add Event page first, to see what we know we need help with, but we’re really not that fussy about it. You can also stop by the next planning meeting. Planning meetings are advertised on the Jackson Commons Facebook and Twitter feeds.

We want to do something else equally fun in the neighborhood, but we aren’t on the route. Can we still take part?

Of course! Tell us about your fun event and we’ll make sure you’re on the map (deadline, June 2nd). Just go to the Volunteer or Add Event page, add your event and we’ll get back to you to confirm.

Who is in charge of this?

Everyone who opts in to be part of the day and everyone runs their own event. The hopscotch path is a fun connector path between cool neighborhood happenings on June 6th. We spend a lot of time getting it ready, but the truth is we don’t want to run things. We want to hop 1.8 miles around the neighborhood, meet neighbors, and have fun. Jackson Commons and Centerstone are working as the lead organizations, but the day is only made magical by the many contributions and organizational skills of many individuals, businesses and groups. Dan, Jean, Ian, and Derryl are working on the CDA Carnival Bit, Centerstone bring their amazing space and energy to the center of the route, neighbor Megann is making our visual identity sing. Block captains like Fisher, Cassy, Jana, Gator make the route fun to be on! It’s like that: so many awesome people and groups making this happen!

Do you have Hopscotch CD t-shirts or buttons or posters or postcards?

We might have t-shirts available for purchase at Centerstone at 18th and Union. T-shirts were $10 last year. We expect they will be the same this year.

Can I make a suggestion?

Of course! And if you yourself can do it, make it happen, run it, implement it, make it, find it, or fix it yourself, we guarantee it’ll get done. Please just contact us. :-)